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San Francisco Birth Doula Services Include:

A free consultation: We’ll meet at your home or a local cafe, get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.

A pre-natal visit (usually lasts 2-3 hours) to discuss your birth preferences and finalize a birth plan.

A comfort measures workshop to learn optimal fetal positioning, massage, counterpressure, water therapy, aromatherapy, TENS, rebozo, position recommendations
relaxation techniques, as well as tools and resources for family members to skillfully assist you during labor.

Centering Group  Every month the doula partners in my collective gather with our clients to discuss important prenatal and postpartum topics. Topics include: Newborn Care Essentials, Comfort Techniques During Labor, Baby Wearing Class, Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga, Medications Offered at Hospitals and much more! This is a free monthly class offered to our clients.  

Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy

Active labor support at your home and/or at the hospital until 1-2 hours after the birth:

Photographs of your birth experience if desired. When I am not needed in other ways, I’m happy to take photos or videos before, during, and/or after the birth.

Postpartum visit: After birth visit (to see how you and your baby are doing, process your birth experience, and provide information and referrals if necessary).

Investment: $1950
(Service area is San Francisco) 

As a birth doula, my goal is to assist you and your family through the remarkable journey of labor and birth by offering ongoing emotional and physical support, providing useful information, illuminating advocacy education, and suggesting labor techniques to help navigate the experience of pregnancy and birth with greater ease and confidence. 

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