Why "skin to skin" and "rooming in" are important


The science and benefits of skin to skin and rooming in are important and backed by actual studies/science.  

Research shows that you are likely to get just as much sleep with your baby in your room as you would if your baby were in the nursery. Research also tells us that babies who go to the hospital nursery at night cry more and are more likely to have trouble breastfeeding than babies who room-in with their mothers. 

Watch a quick 3 minute video here.  

Benefits for Babies Held Skin to Skin After Birth:

  • They have more stable temperatures

  • They cry less

  • They have more stable blood sugar

  • They breastfeed sooner, longer, and more easily

  • They have lower levels of stress hormones

  • They are exposed to the normal bacteria on the mother’s skin, which may protect them from becoming sick due to harmful germs