Fun "Facts" about Placentas

• The placenta is made up of 50% cells from the mother and 50% of the cells from the baby. If you know anything about organ donation, you will know how amazing it is that the mother’s body doesn’t reject it.

• The sperm is responsible for creating the placenta and umbilical cord. So, technically, the placenta is *his* organ- growing in your body, supporting the baby you both created. How beautiful is that?

• A placenta is typically about 1/6th the weight of the baby (1-3 lbs).

• A baby can send stem cells through the placenta to heal its mother's organs if they are struggling, including the brain, liver, kidney and lung. The placenta also creates cells to protect the mother’s heart and fend of breast cancer.

• The placenta preforms the duties of a lung, liver, kidney and its own endocrine system providing all the hormones for both mama and baby throughout pregnancy.


From DoulaSpot